10 Things Only International Kids Studying in The US Would Understand

  1. The struggle to convert temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa is real.
  2. The struggle to convert Kilos to Pounds and vice versa is also real.
  3. You use certain words or phrases, which always causes people to look at you like you’re from outer space (which you basically are. “It’s soccer.” “No, it’s called football”).
  4. Long weekends and holidays are always lonely because it’s not like you can just pop back home (like no, I’m not taking a 13-hour flight both ways for a few days).
  5. People always tell you that you have a weird/cool accent. But to you it’s just the way you normally speak. (Unless you put on a fake American accent like I do)
  6. You always get asked stupid and inane questions about your country that make you want to double up with laughter or scowl in disgust (like how ignorant can you be?)
  7. And then that awkward moment when they don’t know where your country is so they just say, “Oh,” and nod like they do.
  8. You may not feel home sick but you definitely miss home food.
  9. Baseball and “football” make absolutely no sense to you.
  10. And finally… You get asked, “How come your English is so good?” I mean, am I supposed to take that as a compliment? (Yes, I probably speak better, grammatically correct English, than you do. Thank you.)

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